Week 245: Case 6

1. Presented by Fred Askin, M.D. and prepared by Todd Sheridan, M.D.

The patient was a 35 year-old woman who presented with complaints of right upper quadrant and epigastric discomfort. The symptoms were felt to be consistent with gallbladder disease and ultrasound examination was performed. In addition to a gallstone, a lesion was noted in the left lobe of the liver. CT scan revealed three lesions in the liver, two larger ones in the left lateral sector and a small lesion in the dome. At operation, a segment 3 resection of the two lesions in the liver as well as a cholecystectomy was performed. On gross examination there were indeed two lesions (2.7 and 1.1 cm in diameter) which were distinctly separate. The dome lesion was not resected.