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127 thoughts on “Feedback”

  1. Why you have stoped new cases for cytology and Histopathology cases. Please don’t stop it as John Hopkins is the best university in the world , these sites are the best learning sites in the world. Please also start cervical cytology cases. You can’t imagine how big these sites are for us.

  2. Now, last week march 2024, whitout your now famous world bridge, how is modified your life and work ?
    Go go ahead !

  3. Hello,

    Going through your archive of cases I noticed that case 5 from week 21 is missing its microscopy images. The only image that loads is an X-ray.

  4. Hello,

    It seems your link to the all cases page is broken. I get a 502 bad gateway error when I try to access it.

  5. Congratulations to all the Anatomic Pathology Team of JHH for having resumed your weeklySUC sessions:
    Your teaching and phylantropic work is of inchalculable and immeasurablE valour .

  6. Thank you very much for your excellent teaching work.
    In a field as challenging as renal neoplasms, these weekly cases are an invaluable help not to get lost.
    I have a question about the Week 770: Case 2 case. I think there is a lack of correlation between the images shown and the description in the comments… I’m not able to see the subnuclear vacuoles in the tumor cells.

  7. Hello,

    Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. The discussion for cases 731-2 and 731-3 has been corrected.

    sp Unknowns Team

  8. Phantastics cases at three week of November and also the 3 cases of the first week of december 21 t
    Thank you very much for your philantropic labor and teaching !!
    JHH Pathology Team Go ahead Go !!

  9. October 2021 was beein a marvelous month for all follovers of the JHHPatology Team !!
    4 weeks and 4 SUCs sesison with very interesting cases and also any aforismes
    Ink and don´t not think !!
    Thank you veruy much for share your experiences whith all world`s pathologist !!

  10. Hello!
    In week 392 case 2 the same picture is displayed and repeated five time instead of other pictures from the tumor and immunostains.

  11. Hi Dr. Baewer,
    Thanks for your comment. We do not have a searchable public database for the unknowns slides. However, if there are any specific cases that you would like to confirm the diagnosis on, you can provide us with the case number and we can look for you.
    sp Unknowns Team

  12. Five days August 2021!!
    Olympic Games at Tokio and Olympics days at JHH Pathology Department
    Until the moment only four working days and two days of SUC, thank you very much for your philantropic wort !!

  13. Marvelous!!!
    One new week with three cases to learn with your experience and philantropic work !!

    Thank you very much for your endeavor to teach !!

  14. I found some glass slides from the unknown conference in a box from when I did residency there. They only have a four digit number on them. I’d like to search the database to study these slides. Is there a way to search with the slide number?

  15. Thank you very much to the All Pathology Team of JHH for sharing with us your knowledges and experiences !!
    Go ahead go !!

  16. Hello Team and team`s fans
    Thank you very much for stand and share your experiences and knowledges with that s interesting cases,
    Happy new year 2021 and more the one that begins for the whole planet next January 20

  17. hello Sisrs
    I don´t understood the description an discussion about the case 731- 2 and the case 741 3 perhaps there are any jmistake between the images and the discussion ? it´s possible ?
    The discussion not say anyone about the extrarenal extension of the masse at adiposse tissue at also relates anyone abou the cists component and at images there are not any cistics ….
    Can you see newly that possibilty of mistale ¿

  18. Thanks for these 3 new cases at October 2020
    JHH Pathology Team or PT JHH Go ahead go !!!

  19. Greetings
    Thank you so much for providing this wonderful resource in histopathology. I am facing some problem in viewing cases of lung pathology. The images are not showing , only the text. Kindly check the issue and rectify the same.
    Kind Regards

  20. Congratulations and forever gratitude for your lessons and session of SUC today for em is the first time at your twenty years of teaching with that page, there are two weeks at one day, it´s a lot of endorphins at our brains !!
    The 6 cases or august 13 , the COVID 19 year , are magnificient for the teachers and students, sorry there are not similary for the patients !!!
    Thank you to all Pathologist Team of JHH for your philanthropy !!!

  21. Thank you very much to the all Pathologi Team of JHH for that new case, after one month and nineteen days .

    Two week after the Great pathologist and also teacher — same the JHH teachers and philantropics pathologists.. Dr Rosai Juan pass away ,,,,

  22. To finish the march month of 2020 a new 3cases, thank you very much for share with us at middle of the USA and World´s COVID 19 storm, your experience. and works

    At the 720 week case 2 perhaps one image or dendritic cells make a great help for verisimilitude about the nature of that diagnosis !!!

    It well be good for the believers in the JHH pathological team !!!

  23. A new week, and three interesting cases !!

    The europeans cytizen can not travel to USA during one month, but you expand and share your experience and knowledge with us,
    Thank you very much.

  24. Happy New Year besides Olympic and leap year, for all Patahology Team !!
    We are very happy with thte new two week lot of cases very interestings
    Go ahead go JHH ´s Pathology Team
    Thank your very much for share witk all worlds and interested pathologist your knowledge and experiences

  25. Hi Dr. Ramachandran,
    Thank you for letting us know of the problem.
    This issue is now fixed.

    Best regards, Johns Hopkins Pathology

  26. great site and many thanks for your efforts.

    WEEK 16 CASE 3 ..The correct dx is, I believe, Parathyroid Ca … but a minor glitch…pl see below 🙂

    Follicular adenoma of the thyroid
    Parathyroid adenoma
    Parathyroid hyperplasia
    Parathyroid carcinoma

    Answer: Congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation (CCAM)

  27. The last week is passed for me without congratulations for your teaching and learning works.
    We have a pathologic meetting at Salamanca and I lost the rhythme,
    Today we are ready to learn with your cases
    Best wishes

  28. A new interesting week cases
    Thank you very much to the All Pathology Team of JHH.

  29. August 16 2019
    Two months and 4 days after, newly the manna arrived to our eyes and brains !!
    Thank you very mach for share with us these 3 new cases about uropathologic area.
    JHH Pathology Team go up !!!

  30. Ms. Jamie, the pictures are now showing in Week 332 case 5. Please let us know if you still can’t view them. thanks!

  31. Thank you so much for this colossal task.
    Realize what a great effort goes behind such a vast collection of cases as well as discussion.

  32. Hi Ambereen- Thank you for your comment. This mistake has been corrected in the case you mention.
    Johns Hopkins Pathology

  33. Hi Ambereen– We have corrected Week 269 Case 4 to read ‘endometrial’ after conferring with the author of the case. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Feel free to submit any other suggestions that you have.
    Thank you,
    Johns Hopkins Pathology

  34. WEEK 179: CASE 4

    The case discussion mentions two cases while the history mentions only one.
    Please clarify.

  35. A great site. Very very helpful.

    Some minor typing and other mistakes seen.

    Week 269 Case 4 mentions ovarian stroma which should be read as endometrial stroma in my opinion.

    Can mention others too if asked to.


  36. Hi IDA,
    Thank you for your comment. We are glad that you find this site useful. We will consider your request.

    Johns Hopkins Pathology

  37. I am a student doing dnb in pathology in lourdes hospital ,india . I am extremely grateful for the effort put up by your team .I humbly request you to include the haematology slides also and also please include some molecular aspects also

  38. Dear Administrator

    The pictures for Week 443 cannot be opened.
    Could you please fix this problem?


  39. Our server has been restarted and the images are now available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  40. Our server is down right now, and we’ll let you know as soon as we got our server up and running.
    Thanks for emailing us!

  41. Dear Administrator:

    It seems all the pictures of all the cases before Week 504 cannot be opened. Please check.


  42. At the same week and two days back to back july 25 and 26 july two news cases of week !!!

    Thank you very much to All Pathology Team
    Good summer 2018 !!

  43. Two new weeks , and new and very interestings cases , congratulations for that gift
    Best wishes
    Go ahead go

  44. This site is truly excellent, and I deeply appreciate your teams commitment to keeping it up and running. It underscores JHH commitment to medical education for pathologists everywhere. The format is fun and the photomicrographs are pretty nice as well

  45. Hello Tasha
    Thank you very much for the comments and explications to my ignorance about the difference between, amyloidosis light chain y the light chain proteins

  46. Hello Johns Hopkins Pathology Team

    The new cases ot two new week there are very interesting and actualizing the knowledge about the ORL pathology, glomangioperycitoma and Well differentiated liposarcomas
    Thank you very much for share your experiences
    Go ahead go

  47. Thank you so much for letting us know. We have fixed the problem, the images for weeks 551 and 553 are now available.

  48. Dear Administrator:

    Thank you for sharing those wonderful cases with us.
    I just found out that cases of week 551 and 553 have no pictures available.
    I will really appreciate it if you can fix this problem


  49. The cases of the thats new two weeks are the best gift of your team to the bunch pathologists attending your interesting learning cases

    Thank you very much for share with us your experience and knowledge
    Best wishes for the new year 2018 !!

  50. We are a bunch of pathologists waiting and wishing their excellent philanthropies and new teachings

    Thank you very much for all your previous, continuous, long-lasting and prolonged teachings

    josemari arrinda

  51. Hello..
    In week 663 case 3, the polypoid lesion is projecting into urethra or ureter?
    Thank you

  52. Hello Josemari,
    Thank you so much for visiting our site, and we are glad you find the cases interesting. The pathogenesis of light chain deposition disease is similar to amyloid light-chain amyloidosis, but the light chain proteins do not form amyloid deposits; the reason for this, at least to our knowledge, is not understood. Thus, the Congo red stain is negative. In this case, nearly all the plasma cells showed kappa restriction, which confirmed the diagnosis. Thanks for your time and take care!
    Tasha Larman

  53. Thank you very much for all Pathologia Team of J.H.H, for these two new week 6 cases, there are very interesting
    But I have one big doubt, what´s your explication for understoold the negativity of Congo Red stain at the material of last case of that serie ??
    That material also not stain with Lights chains Kappa or Lambda ??

    Thank you for the feedback

    beste wishes

  54. This problem has been resolved. Please let us know if you experience any issues in the future. Thank you.

  55. Thank you for your comment. We are in middle of resolving this issue. We will let you know when the issue has been resolved.
    JHU Pathology Web Team

  56. Hi. I have been using the site for a few months.
    However, there seems to be a problem as a lot of images of many cases are missing. For example the penis and placenta section show barely a few images. Most images in these sections are not accessible

  57. Hello Mohammad. Week 189 case 2 was indeed missing images, and we’ve resolved this problem. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  58. Week 189: Case 2
    August 2, 2004

    pictures not upploaded

    Many thanks for your excellent site
    kind regards
    dr sadeghi

  59. Hello everyone, The Search Cases page should be back up and running. The issue has been addressed and now resolved. So sorry for the inconvenience.

  60. Thank you for e-mailing us. We are currently looking into this issue and will reply when it’s resolved.

  61. Hello,

    Great website! Currently, there is a problem with listing of the cases. If I select lung for example, no cases are listed. Please address. Thank you

  62. NEW YEAR, news cases
    Congratulations to all Pathologic Team of JHH, and the best of my grattitude for your work, support and philantropic education and training .
    Best wishes

    These are the best way to say bye bye at the past autumn and to celebrate the WINTER SOLSTICE OF 2016 !!
    Thank you very much to the PATOLOGHY TEAM of JHH !!

  64. Hi Miguel. Week 579 was indeed missing images, and we’ve resolved this problem. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    Best, Johns Hopkins Pathology

  65. Hi Yongjie. Thank you for your feedback.
    Is JavaScript turned on in your browser? Viewing images on those cases requires JavaScript and the entire site requires JavaScript to function properly.

    Let us know if you continue to run into problems.
    Best, Johns Hopkins Pathology

  66. Thank pathological team of hard work, some pictures don’t show,Week12,Case 4 ,Week 13 ,15,18.

  67. Hi Miguel. Thanks for letting us know. We are looking into this. Please let us know if there are any others that you can’t see.

    Best, Johns Hopkins Pathology

  68. The” fans of JHH Pathology Team” are attending your very interesting and philantropic teaching cases
    jose mari

  69. hello and thanks about your case ,case week 151ithink the diagnosis marked incorrectly

  70. This feature is being added to the site. All future immunohistochemistry pictures will be marked.
    Thank you for your input.
    Johns Hopkins Pathology

  71. This feature is being added to the site. All future immunohistochemistry pictures will be marked.
    Thank you for your input.
    Johns Hopkins Pathology

  72. Please label the all immunohistochemistry pictures with the antibody used. I find them of no use if I dont know what is being marked.

  73. Hi CD,
    This feature has been improved and the cases now require less clicks. We hope that this has helped make the site more useful to you.

    Johns Hopkins Pathology

  74. Hi CD. The upgrade that you request is in progress.
    Thanks for your feedback.
    Johns Hopkins Pathology

  75. Great website upgrade, it’s mobile friendly and very nice looking. My only issue is the quiz based format. Its very tedious to click. I preferred going through a whole list of cases (by organ system), and receiving the answer after each question, rather than after the quiz is done.

  76. We’re not finished implementing all the proposed changes yet, but we’re glad to hear that the site updates are making the site more useful to you.
    Johns Hopkins Pathology

  77. looks good now

    thanks for modifying it, in particular, for the option of show diagnosis.



  79. Thanks John Hopkins administration for such a wonderful job.
    Thanks also for updating the site so now we can view what have we done so for.
    Please do one more thing like in previous site , there was an option to look at all diagnosis of a unit in a single go which is not possible now.
    Plus please do add frozen sections and cytology cases.
    Dr Samra

  80. Thanks a lot for such a great aid for self study.
    1) i will like to see the option of viewing a case/ list of cases with known diagnosis. it was available on previous site.i
    2) The cases that i have viewed should be displayed in different color, as occurred previously.
    3) please add cytology and selected frozen sections too

  81. I value the cases and the comments. I find them useful for self education and in diagnosis. I miss the facility of searching with a list view of selected results with and without diagnoses visible. Navigation is now less intuitive and more clicks are required.
    The current format is a downgrade on what was previously available in my view.

  82. Firstly, I want to thank the people that work in this web for the help that it affers for pathologist that are in formation and for pathologist in diary work.
    But the posibility of seeing the specific diagnostic in each case was really useful. I liked watching a list of specific diagnostic.

  83. Hi Stuart. Thanks very much for your input. We are looking at the functionality of this site and taking your comments and the comments of other users into consideration.
    Stay tuned!

    Johns Hopkins Pathology

  84. Dear Johns Hopkins

    When I try to visit the website I find that I am directed to a different website:

    I’m finding that this new website is awkward to use.

    1. When I attempt to look at cases in the same way I would have done before, instead of the case coming straight up, I am directed to start a quiz, which means an extra click.

    2. When I want to get the answer for the case I have to go through the process of finishing the “quiz” and then having to click again on the view questions button. Again this is an extra click.

    3. The next post in the quiz does not always correspond to the next case as listed in the pages on categories. For example – If I want to look at some lung cases the first few on the list are; week 12 case 5, week 4 case 1 and week 4 case 6. If I were to go through the quiz though starting at week 12 case 5 I would next be directed to week 4 case 1 and then week 13 case 3, which is a skin case.

    4. If I do go back to the page with all the cases for a particular category I have found that the links to the cases I have already looked at are the same colour as the ones I haven’t yet seen. Previously once I had seen a case the link turned a different colour, which made navigation easier.

    I use the cases on this website to help me revise and study and I am grateful that someone has taken the time to present them and make them available to the public. I find these static images easier to use than virtual slides and a good substitute for glass slide collections. When I used the old website I had tended to work down the list of cases for a particular organ system making diagnoses and clicking to get feedback. The new website makes it more difficult to do that. I am not sure how other people are using your website but I personally find the quiz feature more of a hindrance than a benefit.

    Could you please consider returning to the old system where the cases were presented without the requirement to enter a quiz and so that the link to each case is marked a different colour once seen.


    Trainee Histopathologist, UK

  85. The search category allows to you search for a specific diagnosis, but the new website no longer allows you to look through a list of specific diagnoses within a category, which was a much used feature. A list of all the diagnoses in a category was useful to provide differential diagnoses that you might not have considered.

  86. 1. Please explain what you mean when you say “does not provide discussion”.
    2. Are you looking for the different categories of cases? Choosing a category lists the cases for that category.

    Your input is much appreciated. We appreciate your patience as we work to approve the features on this website.
    Johns Hopkins Pathology

  87. can we please have the previous website back?

    new system
    1. does not provide discussion
    2. cannot see each system with different cases listed.

    I used the old system for my FRCpath examination and found it extremely helpful.
    I used to use this website for my routine reporting as I could see list of cases with diagnosis in each system.

    I don’t think I can use this new webpage any more .

  88. Like on the old site, you may search for cases by entering a diagnosis in the search bar and all cases whose diagnosis contain that term will be returned.
    For more details on advanced searches, see advanced searching.
    Thank you,
    Johns Hopkins Pathology

  89. Pellow
    At the ancient system we can find the cases by diagnosis, but at new web you say at Categories Search , can be find the cases by diagnosis, but I can’t to find the site to make any search by diagnosis, only by categories
    Can you help me saying where are the diagnosis search site to find the cases ??

    Best wishes

  90. Hi Claire.
    As mentioned in previous comments, we are in the process of bringing this website to its final state. We appreciate your input and comments and will think about integrating these features into the new website.
    As of now, those features will not be available for a few months.
    Thanks very much.
    Johns Hopkins Pathology

  91. We no longer offer CME points for this conference.
    Thank you,
    Johns Hopkins Pathology

  92. Hi! May I ask can I claim CME/CPD points by finishing these online cases? If yes, how many points can I claim per case? Is there any certificate or proof of completion of cases.

    Thank you very much for your time and help.

  93. Hi
    I loved your website and found it a very valuable exam resource. However I am very disappointed with the new changes. There are extra needless steps involved in getting to the case discussion at the end plus I cannot click the box to see a list of the diagnoses, therefore picking and choosing what I review. This has come at a very bad time during my exam prep. Any chance these issues will be resolved soon?

  94. The explanatory notes are still there. Once you answer the question and receive your score, you need to ‘View Questions’ to get that information. It should be all the same information that the old site had.
    This will be added to the list of features that we are looking to improve on this site, as we’d like to make it as easy as possible for you to view those explanations.

    Any other input is valuable and appreciated.
    Johns Hopkins Pathology

  95. After each case there was an explanatory notes, and it was very informative, sometime with PubMed link.

  96. Please explain- What exactly do you miss when you say you ‘miss cases discussion’?

    Thank you.

  97. The old sp Conference site will no longer be accessible on the web. This new sp Conference site is replacing the old one and has all the features that the old site had to offer. If you’d like to search by diagnosis, the search box now returns results based on both category and diagnosis. You can also search by category on the categories page. We will be improving these search result functions with time and appreciate your comments as to what could make them more useful to you.
    Thank you for your input.
    Johns Hopkins Pathology

  98. How can i search the old cases from ur old websit?? Cant seem to access ur old website…
    Also in the categories, there is no option for Check or Uncheck to hide the diagnosis??? It was very helpful if one wanted to look up a specific entity

    For me these new post is the first signal at the pathology world´s, we are “”off- crisis “”.
    A lot of time ago, there isn´t 6 cases at the same week
    Thank you very much for your work and support ot that web !!!
    Best and warm wishes

  100. Brian, We are in the process of adding categories to the slides. They will soon be searchable by category. Thanks for your input!

  101. I have enjoyed the weekly unkown conference nearly since its inception. I really appreciate that Johns Hopkins Pathology has continued to provide this service.

    Under the new format, the IHC slides are not labelled, which limits their usefulness, or perhaps I am missing something. Can this be fixed?

    Thank you!

  102. Thank yuo very much for ALL PATHOLOGICAL TEAM OF “”JHH””
    for that´s interesting cases, I think for best use or the cases, the IHQ images are subtitles or identifies !!
    Thank you very much for share your labor, work and experience with the World´s Pathologist Community !!

  103. Your team is a very very philantropic team, you shared your experience and knowledge with all us just at the sunday ! go up go !!

  104. i find the new website much better in terms of searching n proceeding with cases.please do put some cytology collection as well.

  105. Adrina,
    Thank you for your input. This issue has been resolved.
    Aidel Weisberg
    Johns Hopkins Pathology

  106. Hi! Thank you for an excellent website. I am having some difficulty accessing the images from weeks 592 to 15 – please would it be possible to fix the links? Thanks!

  107. Josemari,
    We are still in the process of making the cases searchable by category. To search the old cases, you may visit the old site at
    We hope to have this function working properly asap.
    Thank you for your input.
    Aidel Weisberg
    Johns Hopkins Pathology

  108. Thank you very much for your philantropic support and teaching with that formative pages

    At previous presentation of this page, I can´t find or search the ancient cases, now I can see at the right column of screen, the file with that possibility
    Thank you very much for yours attentions

    Josemari Arrinda

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