Week 117: Case 5

1. Presented by James J. Sciubba, M.D. and prepared by Ali Ansari-Lari, M.D.,Ph.D.

A 27- year-old male demonstrated a mixed radiolucency and radiopacity in the posterior portion of the maxilla. Radiographically, there was a large expansile lesion of the maxillary molar area with extension of this process superiorly to ablate a portion of the adjacent maxillary sinus. The lesion, while essentially unilocular, and with discrete well-demarcated margins, contained scattered irregularly sized calcifications within the lesion. The calcifications had a "salt and pepper" type presentation in some areas, while in others there was a more obvious nodular opaque quality to the mineralized component. There is no evidence of a tooth or dental structure within this radiographic change, nor was there any evidence of missing teeth.