Updates: April-May 2016

Attention Users:
We are actively working on updating this site with many of the suggestions made below. Your comments on improvements made as well as suggestions for future improvements are welcomed.  
Follow this page for a list of updates as they occur.
Johns Hopkins Pathology

Updates Log:
4/27/16: links now change to yellow once you’ve clicked them to help track where you’ve been.
4/28/16: search result links now open in new tabs, which enables users to keep the search results list in the browser and refer back to it as you work your way through the list case by case.
5/3/16: “Show Diagnoses” button now appears on all search result, tag, and category pages. Toggles showing/hiding diagnoses and allows user to choose diagnosis to get all cases that have that same diagnosis.
5/19/16: Quizzes have been reformatted to require less clicks per quiz. Your answers are checked right there on the same screen as the quiz questions.
5/27/16: All search options have been moved to the ‘Search Cases’ page. From that page you can now 1. search by diagnosis 2. search by category or 3. view a list of all cases.

We have made all updates requested in the ‘Feedback’ page. Please continue to comment on these features. Thank you.